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Children Love Animals - David Ginn

Children Love Animals - David Ginn

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CHILDREN LOVE ANIMALS — the magic book David started in July 2005 — is completed! Yes, the same book he stopped work on six years ago to write Kidshow Magic Kompendium has magically appeared and is now in stock, ready to ship!

Children Love Animals is the NEW BOOK and rest assured — it is NOT only about live animals! Only 25% of CLA is devoted to live rabbits and doves. That means that 75% of the 512-page book features animal-themed tricks to captivate and entertain children.

What kind of magic tricks?

Tricks using stories of animals, pictures of animals, animal toys, animal cards, and animal puppets. 80% of these come from Ginn's personal experience of doing over 16,000 children’s shows. The rest comes from over 20 magicians who offered to share routines with him.

Children Love Animals is a real hardbound book printed on 80 lb. gloss paper with over 800 color photos to explain the magic. And like KMK, the new book is packed with tricks, jokes, stories, history, and David's memories for fun learning.

NEW, hardcover, 512 pages.

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