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Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic - R.A. Wagner

Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic - R.A. Wagner

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This book was published in 1992. The tricks and ideas cover gambling, parlour, stage, card index, card magic and the occult. Something for everyone.

Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic - Bob Wagner - A lifetime of magic between two covers! Close-up magic, stand up magic, sit down magic, funny magic, serious magic. No matter what type of magic you like, you will find something in this book that you will use!

Contents include 7 The Hard Way, the spot card effect in the shape of a die; Let's Make A Deal Dollar Bill in Lemon, in which you trade a dollar bill for the contents of a locked box. His bill is burned, then found inside a lemon inside the locked box!; Fast Draw Card Index; Curse of the Invisible Flying Card, an amazing card and silk in balloon routine; Cut & Restored, in which a piece of rope is placed inside a folded magazine page. The paper and rope are cut in two. The halves are brought together and both rope and magazine end up restored. Plus Houdini Seance; 3 Cup Monte; Slow Motion Card Through Handkerchief; Track Record Revised; Game of Darts; Knot Tying Demonstration; Untouchable; Tic-Tac-Toe for Two; Animal Trainer; One Chance in 720; Bang Rope; Texas Poker; and more and more and more!

It's 192 hand lettered pages; Hardbound

LIKE NEW, HC w/dj, 192 pages.


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