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Automata - R Shane

Automata - R Shane

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Automata is a collection of effects based on self working magic- WAIT- I know what yer thinking.... Counting and math, OH NO!

No Indeed!!! Yes, the principles behind most of these are based on tried and true mathematical principles which, in their original form are not particularly performable, but WOW what R. Shane has done with them.

The subtitle of this book is Self-working magic with HUMANITY! That says it all. Here are simple methodologies enshrouded in AWESOME presentations that make the "tricks" into magic theatre that entertains, amazes and inspires. R. Shane begins each effect with a treatise on the original method and effect and then explores variations on the theme. R. Shane is also a master at finding a hole and plugging it up. He finds the "flaw" in a method that prevents it from being a masterpiece, and finds a way to seal that hole so the mystery won't escape.

In this 140 Plus page book, you will find over a dozen plus principles, PLUS complete performable routines based on each of them and literally DOZENS of variations on each one. This is NOT ONLY a book of effects ready to perform, but an exploration in creativity and adaptation. Our editor was a bit skeptical of this material at first, but the more he read the more he fell in love.

Automata takes the effort OUT of the method and allows you to focus everything on presentation!

Like New, perfect bound, 140 pages

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