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Alice in Bookland Watercolor

Alice in Bookland Watercolor

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Description from Don:

As a magician my entire life, I’ve always enjoyed the wonderful Alice stories by Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through The Looking-Glass.”

To quote Victorian Opera: “Carroll had a unique ability to recreate the childhood world, exciting the imagination and making adults feel like children again. Escaping your everyday life and tumbling into a whimsical world of nonsense and mockery has universal appeal. Wonderland is a world of discovery where normal rules do not apply.”

For that reason, I had this watercolor piece of artwork created for my office. 

I am selling a limited number of 8.5”x11” prints of this artwork. There are only 100 pieces printed, and each one is numbered. I, of course, have #1 in my office, and the rest will be sold until they are gone. 

Each is printed on acid free paper, and will be shipped flat. 

If you enjoy the wonderful creativity of Lewis Carroll’s writing, and you are also a book lover like I am, then this piece was created for you. 

NOTE: Your piece will not have the “Don’s Magic & Books” watermark on it. 
Shipping will be $5.00 First Class

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