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ACT 1 - Michael P Lair

ACT 1 - Michael P Lair

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This 32 page book is filled with over 80 illustrations and contains 8 dynamic standup routines:
Jack-in-the-Box - A selected playing card appears in the Jack-in-the-Box's hands!
Silver Fire - An excellent strolling effect using a half dollar and a cigar tube.
Les Fleurs - A beautiful opener with spring flowers.
Invisimax - Jumbo coin manipulation that will fool everyone!
1:4 - A jumbo coin instantly changes into 4 half dollars.
Billiard Finale - A billiard ball magically transforms into an 18" candle!
Red Silver Black - A beautiful, colorful manipulation routine.
Candle Rewind - An 18" candle rewinds into a 36-foot, reusable coil.
All solid effects!

USED, no gimmicks

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