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ABC Gumball Recombobulator - Wolf's Magic

ABC Gumball Recombobulator - Wolf's Magic

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Patter & Routine

When I was kid, I collected almost ANYTHING!! I started with collecting comic books…then I collected stamps…then I collected coins. This was all great fun but it kind of got EXPENSIVE for a young kid! I needed to find something to collect that wouldn’t chew up my weekly allowance!! Then..I discovered ABC Gum!! What is ABC Gum?? Already Been Chewed!!! Yes! Gooey chewed up gum wads!! Yeah, I seems GROSS!!  But hey! They are FREE and come in so many different colors and flavors!!  The best part is you can find them ANYWHERE!!!  When I am hunting for new ABC gum, I collect them on my trusty GUM DISPLAY BOARD! I bet there is some ABC gum I can add to my collection right here IN THIS ROOM!! One of my favorite places to find them is under a seat or table!  (Gum wad is plucked from under kid’s chair or table and attached to board)

You would be surprised where else you can find them!!  (Gum wad is plucked from behind kids ear and attached to board). Oh..I hope you weren’t saving that for later!!  Sometimes you have a new piece and don’t even know it!!  (A fake gooey piece of gum is seen stretching from the bottom of YOUR shoe and SNAPS into your hand! Wad is placed on to board)  Now that my gum wad board is full, let me show you something totally AWESOME!! This is what I call the ABC Gumball Recombobulator!!

What does it do??? It Recombobulates ABC gooey gum wads back into SHINY NEW CHEWABLE GUMBALLS!! After all, who wants to chomp on ol’ crusty gum wads? Not me, so I invented the ABC Gum RE-Combobulator!  Let’s explain HOW IT WORKS!!

The ABC Gumball Recombobulator uses this space age Friggle Filter (Inner Tube) to remove dust, grime, fly spit and goobers from the ABC gum wads! When I feel like having a FRESH piece of gum to chew, the wads go into the Friggle Filter!  Phase one is the fun part! It’s important to SMOOSH the gumwads up REAL GOOD for the Friggle Filter to work properly!  (Gooey “gum” strands are seen being pulled up and down and side to side while a squeaking noise is heard)

Phase two is the Recombobulation and recycling phase. By turning this crank, the magical process begins! (Crank is turned)  Just about done but I think the gum needs just a bit more SMOOSHING AND GOOSHING! Wait, it looks like they’re not quite ready. Hmm, this piece seems to be a bit hard! I think it needs a bit more chewing.” (A gum wad is removed and popped into mouth but you are actually popping a “PINK GUM MOUTH COIL” into your mouth. Pretend to chew a bit then you begin to pull the Coil from your mouth and letting it fall all over your arms and body. This is an awesome visual display and adds a great deal to the final effect. Pink Gum Mouth Coils NOT INCLUDED.  Again, gooey “gum” strands are seen being pulled up and down and side to side while a squeaking noise is heard)

A few more turns of the crank and we are on our way to fresh new gumballs for everyone!! There’s the ALARM BELL!! And its all ready as the RECOMBOBUMATION process is complete! If all went well, my invention should have magically Re-Combobulated the old mooshy gum into loads of fresh new gumballs READY TO CHEW!!!! ( Magician dumps gumballs into unit filling it with gumballs)  Don’t forget to see your dentist TWO TIMES A YEAR!  End.

This is a great colorful-visual effect that will create laughter and excitement. Can be seen in the largest venues as the bright colors and size make this an excellent school-show or stage effect. Made of the finest materials. Utilizing a Synthetic product that will eliminate touch-ups as the color is solid throughout the material!
You are supplied with the entire outfit: ABC RECOMBOBULATOR unit, Friggle Filter, Gimmicked Load Tube, gum-wads, gum wad pallet, stretchy gum wads gimmick, squeaker gimmick, printed routine patter and complete handling instructions.

Size: 16″ Tall x 12”Wide  x 10″ Deep

Requires ( 1 ) 9 volt Battery NOT INCLUDED / Gumballs or Candy NOT INCLUDED

USED, but works perfectly.

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