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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: The Extraordinary Private Life of Will Goldston - Fergus Roy

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: The Extraordinary Private Life of Will Goldston - Fergus Roy

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This full color, Limited Edition of only 200 copies, for the first time, the full story of the previously unknown personal life of the legendary Will Goldston, born Wolf Goldstone.
The magical world has always revered Goldston as a major dealer, an astute businessman and a pillar of respectability. Fergus Roy’s research has however uncovered a different story and shows how the reality was quite the opposite.

This volume moves on from Fergus’ original work on Goldston portrayed in his award winning book ‘Goldston, The Man and the Legend’ which was part of his four volume set ‘The Davenport Story’.

Further research, aided by a hoard of previously unknown letters in the Peter Lane collection, has revealed even more astonishing details of the numerous skeletons in his cupboard. In addition Fergus has further uncovered the birth dates and places of not only Goldston but his entire family.
As a bonus, within a special 29 page Addenda, there is a selection of unknown and unpublished color graphics of illusions by Goldston’s principal graphic artist Clifford Thompson.

Will Goldston has deservedly been regarded as one of the most influential magic personalities during the first half of the 20th. century. This book and its revelations, will show that far from diminishing his reputation it only serves to confirm and indeed enhance his status.

Soft cover, 114 pages, some color. Limited Edition of 200, signed and numbered!

Copy #96 of 200. SIGNED by the author 

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