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Aged ESP cards Pro Size Parlor
Aged ESP cards Pro Size Parlor
Aged ESP cards Pro Size Parlor

Aged ESP Deck (PRO Size)

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NOTE: This is the PRO size, bigger than your standard poker sized deck.

This gorgeous aged looking ESP deck is based on the deck Alakazam Magic created for the fantastic effect Zener Match By Nikolas Mavresis.  The deck has colorful symbols and looks aged.

This deck is perfect if you want to add a little more mystery to your act.  They really are a talking point.

The decks are made using high quality game stock and they handle beautifully.

 AGED ESP deck is also secretly marked to open up many more possibilities. It also is a one way design  

This AGED ESP deck is the PRO Size.

You will love this deck either as a stand alone or an accompaniment to Zener Match.

With each deck you will also receive a special link so you can access over 1 hour of tutorial 

NEW, 25 PRO sized cards and online tutorial.

Don's Magic & Books is one of the only places to purchase these decks in the U.S.  I love these cards, and stand by this Alakazam Magic quality product.