Winter Carnival of Magic 2024, Don's Magic & Books

Winter Carnival of Magic 2024, Don's Magic & Books

I just returned from the 2024 Winter Carnival of Magic.  The folks there at Ring 158 in Pigeon Forge put on a really great magic conference.

Performers included Nick Diffatte, Steve Valentine, Doug Conn, Andi Gladwin, Stephen Bargatze, and Paul Richards.

I did a 6-minute Teach-A-Trick on Friday evening's show, hosted by Stephen Bargatze, and spent the rest of the time manning my magic book dealer's space (the guy in orange is Arlen Solomon of A-Z Magic).

At every convention I give a way a stack of books to one of the magicians that sign up for my mailing list, and this year it was won by a young man, Atticus. He won some books and a $25.00 gift card for Don's Magic & Books. If you meet him somewhere, keep encouraging him, as he is really working hard to become a great magician.

Bruce & I had time to see King Kong on top of the theatre next door to our hotel, and we even played a little disc golf on the way home.

The next convention I will have a dealer booth at is The Gateway Close-Up Convention just outside of St. Louis.  Will I see you there?

Until I have time to write some more,  keep on reading those books!



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