The Magic Books Just Keep On Coming...

The Magic Books Just Keep On Coming...

As I type this, there are over 1800 items on my website, Don's Magic & Books. Last month I hit my 500th book order, and have added about 45 NEW books, 60 USED ones, and some various props, both close-up and stage.

The latest authors that have really grabbed my attention are Thomas Baxter (Not a Dianoetic Rage, A Card Merely Thought Of..., The Nail Writer Anthology, The Open Prediction Project, 20 Tips for Seance Workers, and The Action Cop), Gidon Sagher, a mentalist from Israel that has received high praise from performers around the globe (his new book, The Mind of The Mind Reader, has sold out twice here at the shop), and Dennis Hermanzo (Mentalized, A State of Mind, Mentalism from Copenhagen). The wealth, and quality of material that these three have put out is astonishing. I just noticed the mentalism theme, too.  Hmmm...

Other books that have caught my attention this month are Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi (basically self-working card magic), The Magic of Jonathan Friedman - The Musical (funny, creative guy), 4 Switch by Pierre Acourt (with props), Still Small, Still Deadly by Paul Hallas (updated version), Game Changer by Jason Ladanye (cards, gambling themed), Mind Wise by Richard Mark (mentalism), and a large pile of booklets still to be listed, that each have at least one "A-HA" routine or idea in them.

My dream has always been to have a large personal magic book library, and thanks to a lot of you, it has become a reality.  However, it's not just for me to HAVE the books, but to be able to SHARE them with others that can also appreciate the wonderful breadth and depth that these books contain.  Not only do I get to see so many books, but I get to read them, and then sell them off to other magicians.

I really enjoy interacting with all of you that have purchased from me, as well as those that have written to say how much you appreciated our transactions*.  I try to give my customers the same treatment that would be at least what I would expect if I were buying from you, or any other reputable business.

Keep checking back to my site, and I'll keep adding books as I have time.  Once the ground freezes, and my other work comes to an end for the year, I can dedicate even more time to getting books listed.  

For now, thank you everyone for being a part of my magic book dream. It's a great adventure!

Don Bursell

*A recent email I received: 

I would like to express my gratitude for not only your prompt shipping of my order, but also the fact that you too showed intrest in tracking it with a notification of its delivery. Just those simple things show that I am another person and not just a number on the internet. I appreciate that you also charge actual shipping cost and not a set, predetermined price. Though I do not purchase books very often, when I am in search of a title in the future, you will be the first place I shop.
Thank you again and have a blessed weekend,
Thanks Claude.


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