Genii Ad, June Contest, Conventions

Genii Ad, June Contest, Conventions

How many of you subscribe to Genii magazine, put out by Richard Kaufman & Pitchford Entertainment? Genii has been around since 1936, and still comes out on time, and filled with great articles on history, tricks, shows and advertisements from magic dealers.

Paul Gertner, Genii, May 2023

Well, did you see what's on page 3 of this month's Genii? It's a full page ad for Don's Magic & Books!

Richard Kaufman made me an offer I couldn't refuse, but I never imagined it would end up on page 3.  Thanks to Richard for helping make this possible. I feel very grateful.

Also, stay tuned to Don's Magic & Books, and make sure you are subscribed to my random emails.  My birthday is in June, and I will making an offer, at that time, to all of my email subscribers, on how to win some really nice things from me over a 30 day period.  There will be a sale, there will be random prizes, and there will be freebies given away.  All you need to do is place one order between June 12th and July 12th to be eligible for the "big prize."

For those of you that have purchased The Green Neck System, be aware that I sold out of The Devil's Cups, but have more ordered.  Also, The Green Neck System 2 will be out, in the English language, by the end of the year.  I also have a large stack of them on order.

MindCoaster Sean Taylor

Many titles have come in lately, including mentalism from Sean Taylor, a large collection of Nelson Enterprises mentalism manuscripts (not listed yet), and a whole pile of booklets/pamphlets on just about every magic topic imaginable. In order to see the latest items added to my site, CLICK HERE.

In the month of May, I will be setting up a book dealer space at Magic Collectors Expo in Cleveland (May 9-11), and AbraCORNdabra in Iowa (May 19-21).  Then my Summer performing schedule kicks in full force, but I have great people working with me, and they will get your orders sent out within 2 days maximum time while I am away from my shop.

disc golf basketFinally, if you play disc golf, make sure to contact me while we are at one of these conventions, because I have an offer for you that pays good dividends.

Until we meet again, thank you for your business. And thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

- Don 



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Hi guys. Everything I have would show on my site. I am not currently taking requests for the customer “Wish List”, due to it growing out of control very fast. As for the Carter book, good luck finding that title, as it has been out of print for quite some time and it seems that nobody that owns it is willing to part with it.

Don Bursell

Hi. I was wondering if you have the Mike Caveney book Carter the Great and if not can you get it for me or at least let me know if/ when it comes in. Thanks


Hi Don. I am interested in buying S H Sharpe’s Conjurer’s’s Psychological Secrets. Do you have it in stock? Thanks, George (in KY)

George Hunter

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