Erudite Magic Book Reviews

Erudite Magic Book Reviews

Well, as we start into the new year, I've reconnected with a book-a-holic friend from my recent past.  

Two years ago, when I was a magic book dealer for the TRICS Conference in North Carolina, I met a guy that was as addicted to magic books as I am.  His name was Jeff Kowalk, but I only knew him by his name tag, "Jeff".

Jeff does really good magic book reviews on his YouTube channel, Erudite Magic, found HERE.

This morning was the first episode that Don's Magic & Books sponsored.

If you really like magic books, and want to know about hidden gems, books vs. periodicals, out of print books worth searching for, and anything else magic book related, subscribe to Erudite Magic, and every week you'll learn about magic books you should be aware of.

Plus, by watching the video channel, you can even get a discount at Don's Magic & Books.

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