Don's Used Magic & Books at TRICS Close-Up Conference

Don's Used Magic & Books at TRICS Close-Up Conference

Even though I've been selling collections for retired and deceased magicians for 12 years, only recently have I begun pursuing magic conventions as a place to be a dealer.

At the beginning of November, I took a trip to North Carolina, to participate in the TRICS Convention, also called the Carolina Close-Up Convention.  It was wonderful!

Organized and run by Scott Robinson and the members of The Sleight Club, the convention ran very smoothly.  It was a combination of lectures and shows, including one show where the general public is brought in and given the front seats, so that the magicians can perform for a lay audience.  Great idea!

Performing and lecturing at the conference were Christian Engblom, David Stone, Wayne Houchin, Marc Oberon, Mario Lopez, Erik Tait, Jeff Copeland, Jason Ladnaye, Michael Kaminskas, and of course Steve Beam. I spent a short time talking with Boris Wild, who was there as an attendee.  Boris took the time to sign some of his booklets that I had for sale at my booth.

My magic friend, Greg Phillips, was there to help me run my booth, and even found time to teach Christian Engblom Greg's ring & rope routine (see photo).

I have been invited back to the 2020 convention again, so I'll see you there at that time.

And now, on to the next convention...

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