Covid-19 Hasn't Stopped Me

Covid-19 Hasn't Stopped Me

I have a few friends that have lost their jobs, and I feel terrible for them.

All of my performing friends have seen their lives, and incomes, come to a screeching halt.

All of my shows through the end of May have cancelled, or been postponed.

Thankfully, I have my books.  All 4000 of them. And 10 holes of disc golf on my
property.  I've been telling folks, that "If it weren't for my Books and my Baskets, I'd have gone Bonkers by now."

I thank all of you that have ordered from my site over the last couple of "isolation months".  It has been a real blessing. I have continued to send out books and DVDs without a pause, usually within 12 hours of you placing your order.

I have also used this time to enter as many more books onto my site as possible, amounting to almost 300 titles added within the last 10 days.

I find a real thrill, being able to provide a book that someone is looking for, at a price point that is a good deal. It gives me great satisfaction, because I know how happy I was growing up when I ordered from other dealers. The day that package  from the Johnson-Smith catalog arrived. The day I brought  home my new prop from Eagle Magic Store in Minneapolis. The day I opened up a box from H&R Magic Books, and there was my next week worth of magic growth and excitement.  It really was a thrill as a young magician, and I'm so happy to be playing a part of that thrill for others now that I have these books.

And yesterday I went back to work, driving a truck for my son-in-law's Dad's company.  I do that on the weekdays that I do not have shows in the summer, and I have a feeling it will be a busy summer in that truck.

Don't forget: FREE MEDIA shipping within the United States, at least until the Covid thing settles down.

Please stay healthy, and take care of your families during this worldwide "event", and I look forward to running into many of you at future magic conventions.

Sincerely blessed,


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