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Big Magic Collection Purchase, More Magic Conventions Booked

First, it has been a while since I wrote a new post here.  Time gets away from me very quickly.

I just returned home from the TRICS Conference in North Carolina, and it was a great conference! Performers included Henry Evans, Michael Ammar, Jonathan Levit, Dan Harlan, Ryan Plunkett and more. Plus, there were so many other performers there as attendees and dealers, it was a dream come true to meet some of these folks.

Also, right after dealing at Magifest 2021, I flew down to Florida and purchased a large collection of hardcover magic books. Titles that have never come through my shop before were abundant, and I was able to fill about 70 of the titles on the "WANT LIST" that I now keep for buyers.

I am also booked as a dealer for Magifest 2022 in January, AbraCORNdabra in April, and once again TRICS in November.  I love going to magic conventions and just hanging out with other magicians that I've read about, but never met.

What conventions are you attending this year?  I'd love to hear about them, and why you like going there.  What do they offer that's different than other conventions? What are the extra perks that your convention is known for? Who is the favorite performer you've seen, and also who is your favorite performer you've met from the magic world?

Until next time, stay safe and stay warm.



  • Absolutely, Dan.

  • Hi Don,
    It was such a pleasure to find your site! I see that you are planning to go to Magifest this month in Columbus. If I ask you to bring two books you have with you to the convention, could I buy them from you at that time?
    Dan Hajjar

    Dan Hajjar

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