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Another Book Collection Added

Last month, my wife and I made a trip to Ohio and purchased another magic book collection, consisting of over 300 titles.  Most are used, but many are LIKE NEW, and are beautiful. Just like my wife.

Speaking of my wife, Debbie is a middle school teacher.  Being off of school for the summer, she said, "Why don't you teach me to enter books onto your site, while you're working every day?" (Did I mention how beautiful she is?)  So, with me gone 50 hours a week, she has been working constantly, photographing and entering books onto my site.  So far, she's added over 150, and that's just this week.

Thanks to her help, we have also still been able to get your orders into the mail within 24 hours, some as quickly as 16 minutes! She photographs, enters, labels, and organizes over 1400 titles for me.  She's awesome!


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