7 Things I've Learned Since March 1st

7 Things I've Learned Since March 1st

My last performing show onstage was at the end of February, and my last strolling gig was the beginning of March.  Each Wednesday this month I have been performing short 15 minute segments for an outdoor family gathering event here in Cambridge.

So, what have I learned since the beginning of March?  Well, let me list a few things.

1. Even for "full-time" performers, we are allowed to make our money doing other jobs besides performing.  My part-time summer job, I've done for the last 4 years, of driving a truck became full-time this summer, and it has paid off well for my family.  And, I really enjoy the small crew of people I work with.

2. Magic books are still in high demand from many magicians around the world.  I have sent things all across the United States, as well as Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, India, and Las Vegas. :)  Not everybody likes downloads; some magicians just want to hold the actual hardcopy book in their hands, myself included.

3. International shipping can be a real pain in the rear.  A package to Switzerland took 14 weeks to arrive there, but one to Australia only took about 2 weeks.

4. I have been unable to determine which books and booklets will sell, and which ones will not.  Some of the best books (my opinion, of course) just sit here, while some the weirdest, most generic books sell multiple copies a week.  I guess as long as they still sell, I can stop trying to figure it all out.

5. Some folks that buy from me are incredibly nice people. A couple buyers write me regular emails, just to see how we are doing, and to chat about recent magic happenings.  I feel as if I've made many new friends around the country, many of whom I can't wait to actually meet sometime.

6. Some magicians are incredibly strange people.

7. Some of the best gems of magic are found in the most obscure books and booklets. I've always loved the hunt to find those wonders that others have skipped over, or forgotten about. 

What have you learned since March? New magic routines? Times are tough? You are grateful? You've forgotten how to drive?

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