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XIDD - Chris Rawlins
XIDD - Chris Rawlins
XIDD - Chris Rawlins

XIDD - Chris Rawlins

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Demonstrate with undoubtable proof that you knew and understood an image only thought of - not drawn, not written, not selected from a list.

Learn how to draw potential clients in with a virtual, fully interactive and exciting demonstration of mind reading.

Duplicate an image over digital media and under test conditions. Cleanly predict people's actions and choices.

Know and reveal thought of names, destinations and drawings. This is an in depth exploration of a concept that Chris first shared back in 2015.

You'll learn never tipped before additions that allow for 100% accuracy and certainty.

New routines, scripts and handlings. Works in any language.

No anagrams, no pre show, no secret peeks.

"IDD is already a very clever concept in remote mind-reading, but Chris' new ideas and variations take it to the next level. This is a routine that you absolutely must include in your next Zoom show."
- Marc Paul

"The brilliant Chris Rawlins does it again. Expanding on his own ideas, he creates brand new mind boggling and unbelievable mind trips. If you own his previous work , this is a strong addition. If you don't drop everything and buy this now......not later, NOW."
- Marc Salem

NEW, 35 pages

NOTE from Don: My first reaction was that this is a thin book for the price.  However, I sat down and read it, and realized how much ground is covered in 35 well written pages. If you are interested in design duplication routines, this is an incredible one.  I mean that.  The method is new (to me), and I've read at least 15 different methods for design dupe routines. I like this so much, I bought one for myself, to keep, at full price.