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Torn & Restored Tissue - Bob White - DVD

Torn & Restored Tissue - Bob White - DVD

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Note from Don: I have been performing this routine, that I learned from this DVD, for at least 10 years.  It is easy to do, no special props required, and fits perfectly into a set "when all of your other props get lost".  It really is that good.  Packs small, plays really big. So, when I found this on sale, I had to buy quite a few copies.  It IS that good!

The Torn and Restored Tissue Paper has been the closing effect for Bob White's banquet program for over forty years. It never fails to get a terrific response from the audience. Because of its impromptu nature and the false explanation as to "how it's done," this charming swindle always catches the spectators off-guard.

This DVD presents a practical routine within the grasp of anyone who will take a few minutes to learn the simple preparation, easy handling and patter scheme. Bob uses the same presentation for children as for adults. You can take advantage of his experience with this trick and include it in your program exactly the way it is presented on this DVD. The presentation is versatile enough that you can perform it impromptu for your friends with dispenser napkins from a soda-fountain or cocktail napkins from a social saloon. Or, you can use it to close an evening's performance at a black-tie affair. Incidentally, this presentation will fool a large number of knowledgeable magicians.

DVD contains:

  • Performance
  • Preparation
  • Explanation
  • Bonus Live Performance

BRAND NEW, Running Time Approximately 31min
NOTE that the DVD case is damaged, but the DVD is NEW.

A review from David Parr can be found HERE

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