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The Xpert - Neil Tobin (SM5)

The Xpert - Neil Tobin (SM5)

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For 10 years, Xpert has been one of mentalism's best kept secrets.

Now for the first time, discover the utility device, one that's already being used by performing mentalists and magicians who appreciate its understated power and seemingly limitless possibilities. Utilizing the subtle principle illuminated in Kenton Knepper's manuscript, X, and launching it into the next dimension, the Xpert makes possible a wide variety of miraculously direct and virtually sleight-free effects.

You'll be blown away by both its limitless power, and its simplicity. The very best kind of mentalism tool.

List of effects included

Dream Card
Show that a freely selected card (really) is the one card you had previously dreamed about. (Based on an effect by Terri Rogers in Wipe Out.)

Coin Bend
Make a single coin from a borrowed handful of change bend while being held by its owner.

Vampire Slayer
Your participant's power as a slayer is tested by trying to locate the one card in the pack representing a vampire. The vampire unfortunately gets away, but not before leaving the participant with a spooky souvenir.

A strange deck of cards acts like a virus. First it replicates another deck all the way down to a selected, reversed card—then it wipes the original deck completely blank in a surprising climax. (Created with Joe Wach)

3 Coin Monte
In this streamlined three-phase monte routine, your participant seeks the one marked coin out of three to win all the money on the table. Of course, he never has a chance, but he's given the coin as a reminder of his gambling adventure. (Created with Adam McDivitt)

Out of Body
A borrowed coin leaves a borrowed handful of change to end up in another participant's pocket (or in virtually any other seemingly impossible location).

This fooling variation of Hen Fetsch's Mental Epic uses three numbered postcards containing three correct predictions, and everything can be left with the audience afterward.

In this apparent demonstration of mind control, three participants are individually shown the same number (supplied by a fourth participant) but all three see it in three bewilderingly different ways. (Variation on the effect by Joshua Quinn in Paralies)

Make Your Own Xpert
Hands-on tutorial to ensure you will never be without this invaluable device.

USED. Prop and full instructions.

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