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Sword Through Neck (USED)- Domenico Dante

Sword Through Neck (USED)- Domenico Dante

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A medieval-styled sword is shown with the solidity of the blade verified by a member of the audience (it is a solid steel blade). A balloon is placed in a set of iron stocks and the sword is pushed through the stocks, breaking the balloon. The stocks are then locked around the neck of the volunteer and the sword pushed through the stocks – and apparently the spectator’s neck. Spectator is then removed from the stocks unharmed. This is likely the finest Sword Through Neck apparatus ever made. Includes sword, scabbard and stocks. No instructions (none supplied by manufacturer). No longer available. (Description provided by Magic Collectibles by permission)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The gimmick blade that goes "through" the neck does have a dent/fold in it.  Former performer simply kept the back of it away from the audience view.  Other than that, this is in very good condition.

USED, Sword handle, 2 blades (one solid, one gimmicked), neck stocks, scabbard. SHIPPING within the US will be approximately $30.00.

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