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Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Cumulative Index

Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Cumulative Index

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The Semi-Automatic Card Tricks series is 3000 pages long with almost 1300 effects and almost 200 contributors.   The best way to access this gigantic resource is with an index.  This is not a person/trick index.  This is a comprehensive 60-page index so that even items which are referenced in the series are included in the index.  There were 5162 indexed entries in the twelve volumes.  Now, if you look up any person, trick, move, book, etc. that was mentioned in the series, you will find a list of all references by volume number and page number.  

To make the index interesting, there are pictures of many of the contributors from the sessions where card tricks were contributed. 

NEW, 8.5"x11" perfect bound, 62 pages


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