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Stand Up! - Michael P. Lair - SIGNED
Stand Up! - Michael P. Lair - SIGNED
Stand Up! - Michael P. Lair - SIGNED

Stand Up! - Michael P. Lair - SIGNED

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Standup! Contains 14 fun routines for standup magic:
- Candle Shell - Make this cool, versatile prop for pennies out of a common, easy-to-find item. It works and looks great!
- Candle Ring - Using the candle ring of your vanishing candle, create a special gimmick.
- Color Change - An incredible color changing candle routine!
- Pocket Scarf Vanish - An excellent, classy way to vanishg a candle.
- Multiplying Candles - A novel, effective way to make multiple candles appear.
- Candle Rewind - A candle vanishes, changing into a 36-foot, ribbon...quite visual!
- Candle Rewind Plus - This is a little bonus idea using Candle Rewind. Nice!
- Cool Match Pull - Pull lit matches out of your jacket or pocket using this great gimmick.
- Lucky Photo - Worth the price of the book. This trick kills in a closeup setting! Your clients will hire you again and again after seeing this one!
- Rubber Band Prediction - Almost as good as Lucky Photo. Awesome card effect!
- Subway Pass - A funny floating napkin effect with a killer ending!
- Confetti Packets - Produce little showers of sparkling confetti whenever you desire!
- Side Pocket - An excellent coin vanish move!
- Big Coins! - Here it is, fully explained! The complete jumbo coins routine from Michael P. Lair's Coins! video. Get it and fool everyone!

LIKE NEW, paperback, 40 well illustrated pages
SIGNED by Michael Lair