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Silver/Copper/Brass Transposition (SM5) - Johnson Products

Silver/Copper/Brass Transposition (SM5) - Johnson Products

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Manufactured with Johnson Products' usual attention to quality.

The basic effect is simple: You can change one coin into two, change one coin into another, or make two coins into one! WHAT??!!

With this ingenious coin set, you'll be using three distinctive coins: an American half dollar (which is silver color), a Mexican centavo-style coin (copper color) and a coin with Chinese symbols on it (the brass coin).
Just like in the demo video, you ask the spectator to follow what you are doing with the coins.
No matter how closely he watches, the coins instantly change or vanish and reappear!

The effect is a half dollar is placed in one hand while the other holds a brass Chinese coin and a copper Mexican coin. Slowly close your hand over these two coins and instantly they become the silver half dollar. The foreign coins have jumped to your other hand.  A series of transpositions follows and at the finish, all the coins are left for examination. The mystery is enhanced by the fact that the coins are so completely different in appearance.

USED, but LIKE NEW condition, with full written instructions

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