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Satan's Choice (Props & Instructions) - C.W. Cameron (SM4)

Satan's Choice (Props & Instructions) - C.W. Cameron (SM4)

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Based on an original idea by T.A. Waters.

Four different looking miniature coffin boxes are laid out in a row, and a small black candle is lit. A spectator/victim is asked if they would like to play a game of chance with the performer's master, Satann.

The spectator is told that if they choose an empty coffin, then untold wealth will be theirs. However, if the coffin selected is not the empty one then Satan wins the game.

When one of the coffins is freely selected, it is pushed forward slightly from the others. One by one, the lids of the other coffins are lifted and removed, showing empty interiors. Finally, the selected coffin lid is lifted to show that there is a small aged billet inside. When opened out, the message reads “I knew you would choose this one, Satan“. The paper is then passed over the candle flame, where it bursts mysteriously into flames.

The effect ends with a performer, saying, “the contract has been signed, sealed, and now delivered. My master will call on you at midnight!”

LIKE NEW. 4 decorative coffins, 4 sets of routines, + various extra props.

NOTE from Don: This is not my style of performance, but if it is yours, this is a rare opportunity to own a prop manufactured in very small quantity.

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