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Resurrected - The Georgia Wonder Act - Tiffany Allen

Resurrected - The Georgia Wonder Act - Tiffany Allen

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NOTE from Don: I met Tiffany while dealing at the TRICS Conference in North Carolina. She mentioned that she had resurrected the Georgia Wonder act, and I asked if I could offer her booklet here at Don's Used Magic & Books. So, here it is...

In the late 1880s, three teenage women performed a ground breaking magic act wherein they overpowered multiple men twice their sizes. The act was not performed in it's entirety since then and the secrets were thought lost to history.

Six years ago, Tiffany Allen decided to take on the challenge of resurrecting this act long thought lost to history. Accompanying her lecture of the same name, these notes detail not only how these effects work but psychologically why they work. Throughout the pages, you will also learn more about the original Georgia Wonders, how Tiffany has made each of these effects modern, and how they can be adapted for numerous acts. In addition, there is a new section never revealed before - how to instantly have an audience member perform the act with no previous coaching.

You can read more about Tiffany's act, and follow her HERE.

Paperback. BRAND NEW, 35 pages, well illustrated with photos.