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Psych-Out - Bruce Bernstein
Psych-Out - Bruce Bernstein

Psych-Out - Bruce Bernstein

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A Ten Card Poker Deal Routine. This Edition of "Psych-out" contains the oiginal routine and the information in the 1986 "Pysch-Out Update", with amny new wrinkles and touches that Bruce Bernstien, ( I ), and many others who have been kind enough share their ideas, have come up with since its first inception.

Phil Goldstein: " That's a DAMN GOOD routine!"

Bob Farmer: "...a best buy, must have, so send your cash to Bruce immediately..."

Charles Cameron: "Words cannot express just how good it is."

Tony Andruzzi: "Really 'One Step Beyond.' It's devilishly entertaining, a diabolically clever method, sleight free... a POWER HOUSE effect."

Eugene Burger: "The effect... and especially the methodology strikes me as very excellent indeed."

GOOD overall condition (does have writing on inside front cover (see photos)