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Pasteboard Passage: A Three Phase Stand-Up Comedy Magic Routine - Tom Ladshaw

Pasteboard Passage: A Three Phase Stand-Up Comedy Magic Routine - Tom Ladshaw

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A hilarious stand-up routine for the working performer!

The magician relates a story about appearing in a nightclub and performing his famous “Card Up The Sleeve Trick”. As the story unfolds, the magician actually performs the trick. three cards are shown: two red cards and one black card. the black card is sandwiched between the two red cards. A snap of the fingers, and when the two red cards are spread, the Black card has apparently vanished!

Now, with the obviously empty right hand, the magician reaches inside his coat near the armpit and removes the black card! he offers to repeat this miracle, and does, much to the delight of the audience.

The story now takes a turn for the worse. The magician tells of an “obviously inebriated gentleman” who stood up in the middle of the audience and challenged the magician to perform the trick with his cards. the magician boldly claims., “I can do it with any cards”, at which point the souse produces three Jumbo cards! Now it gets good….

Believe it or not, the magician actually does repeat the feat – causing the jumbo black card to “pass” up his sleeve and end up inside his coat! this trumped challenge results in thunderous applause from the magician’s adoring audience…..

This is professional comedy magic for the Stand-Up performer!

Easy to do with no palming!

Includes Tom Ladshaw’s comedy patter plus fantastic material from Ken deCourcy

Comes with all instructions, regular sized gaff cards and matching Jumbo gaff cards.

LIKE NEW, comb bound, 12 pages

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