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LIGHT - Mickael Chatelain

LIGHT - Mickael Chatelain

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NOTE FROM DON: This isn't a soft light like in a D'lite; it is a bright FLASH, similar to a flash bulb from a camera.  Really bright, very easy to use.

Complete package for this amazing trick.

View the routine HERE

The effect:

You take out a deck of playing cards which are honestly shuffled, by you or the spectator. Any card can be selected (no force) and the card can even be signed if you want. You then take out a small light bulb and screw it into the middle of the card case. The card is lost in the deck and you place the card case on the table. You then take a card from the top of the deck and move it over the light bulb, nothing happens so you place this card aside. You do this again, one card at a time until suddenly the light bulb lights up on ONE card. You can show that this doesn’t happen with any other card. Only one will make the light bulb light up, the spectator’s card. You can then hand everything out for examination.

The gimmick can be used for other similar routines, or when you merely need a bright flash during a routine. It’s fun to play with, and I'm sure you'll find many uses for the flash gimmick.


  • Simple to perform
  • No force
  • Takes up little pocket space
  • Unique visual effect
  • Instant reset
  • Starts and ends clean
  • Use any deck of cards
  • Can be done with a borrowed deck

This is a flashing gimmick that is concealed on your finger.  It flashes VERY brightly.

View the routine HERE

BRAND NEW, still in packaging. Includes bulb (uses any bulb), rechargeable flash gimmick, charging cord and instructions.  Use any card box if that's the routine you choose to do. In reality, this is a soft thumb tip with a button on it.  When the button is pressed, a BRIGHT flash happens.  It is really good!