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L.I.N.T: Pocket Stuff For Close-Up Magicians - John Luka

L.I.N.T: Pocket Stuff For Close-Up Magicians - John Luka

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 This effort was kicked off in Luka's "Thoughts On..." column which ran in The New Tops magazine from October, 1993 to December, 1994. John's column was for the majority of magicians who tend to do a lot of pocket and parlor tricks for small audiences and a few informal and sometimes spontaneous shows like at parties or at business get togethers. So he chose material for ninety-plus percent of magicians who are not professionals. You won't find any knuckle busters within this volume. But, you will find MANY things you can use.

 Some of the great magic in L.I.N.T. includes Chromo Balls, Brother Hamman's Homing Card, The Magic Coin,  Ron Bauer's Lie Detector,  Second Sight, Devilish Trickery, Key to the Draw, Milt Kort's Okito Less Coin Box, Paul Chosses handling of the Diagonal Palm Shift.  Also included are variations and simplified handlings for the Zarrow Shuffle and the Turnover Pass. John Luka also solicited and includes several choice items from Paul Cummins, Ron Aldrich, John Morgan, Bill Kalush, Michael Ammar, Chris Carter, and Eric DeCamps.

USED, HC w/dj, 143 Pages 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Former owner has pasted his nameplate, as well as small photos of the magicians that are mentioned throughout this book, on the inside front cover & onto facing page.  There may also be a colored dot on the spine, by which he indexed his collection, as well as underlining throughout.  THIS IS A USED BOOK, and the listed price reflects these possibilities.

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