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Instant Memorized Deck - Woody Aragon - DVD
Instant Memorized Deck - Woody Aragon - DVD

Instant Memorized Deck - Woody Aragon - DVD

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Woody teaches his own Memorandum stack, but most of the routines work with any memdeck.

Instant Memorized Deck

The Instant Memorized Deck is a new concept that is sure to excite card magicians. It begins with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Through a series of clever principles and a thoughtful selection of material, you slowly and secretly put the deck into an order that allows you to do MIRACLES. You can simulate tricks only possible with a memorized deck, without actually memorizing a deck!

This is an entirely new approach and concept in card magic, and one that opens up many possibilities for stack work... without a stack.

The routines require no difficult sleights and are easy to remember and perform. Plots include Poker demonstrations, mentalism, prediction effects, and stunning impossibilities. You'll learn:

4 Card Prediction - From a borrowed, shuffled deck, the magician removes two prediction cards. The spectator then removes two cards in the fairest possible manner... and these two cards match the predictions.
Weighing the Cards - In this classic, the spectator cuts off any packet of cards and the magician instantly knows how the number of cards cut.
Name Any Card - The magician knows the exact position of any card the spectator names.
Memory Exhibition - The spectator chooses any card and moves it to any other position in the pack while the magician's back is turned. With just a gaze at the new order, the magician can pinpoint the spectator's chosen card and where it is.
C.A.A.N. - A selected card goes to any position called for.
Instant Poker - This is a highly entertaining and multi-phased Poker routine.

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DVD. Running time: 1 hours 23 mins.