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Dimensional Relativity - Ben Harris (SIGNED)

Dimensional Relativity - Ben Harris (SIGNED)

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A RED backed deck is introduced and mixed. A card is selected and signed FRONT AND BACK by the SPECTATOR. This card is now returned FACE DOWN to the FACE UP DECK. It is explained that the reversed card will act as a "catalyst" for an up and coming "time warp experiment".

The performer now "sets the deck" for this major attempt at a "scientific breakthrough" by twisting the cards into a "Reverse Molecular Spiral" (Gamblers Rose). The spectator is asked to press his forefinger gently upon the centre of the spiral. The performer explains that the signed card will rise to the face of the spiral and appear beneath the spectator's finger! However, this does not happen. Spreading the cards upon the table, it is seen that the signed card is still reversed in the middle of the spread, however, the entire deck has changed to BLUE BACKS as a result of the warping effects of the Reverse Molecular Spiral!

The performer says that he will "try again". The spread is closed, the R.M. Spiral is reformed and again the spectator presses his finger to its centre. Still, nothing appears to have happened. The deck is re-spread and it is seen that something very odd has indeed occurred! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SPREAD, WHERE THE REVERSED SIGNED CARD WAS A MOMENT AGO, IS A PLAYING CARD SIZED PIECE OF WHITISH BLISTERED CARD! This SINGLE SLAB of card is tossed upon the table. The performer explains that the spectator pressed too hard and that he created a "negative inversion" that not only caused the entire deck to change colour, but also caused the signed card to TURN INSIDE OUT!

The white slab of card is displayed on both sides and then SPLIT DOWN THE CENTRE INTO TWO, THUS REVEALING THE SIGNED FACE AND BACK WITHIN THE CARD!

This "split" card can now be given to a spectator as a souvenir.

You are left clean with a regular deck that you may use for any follow up effect. That is, if you can find an effect to follow DIMENSIONAL RELATIVITY!

USED, Booklet, 12 Pages



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