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Dice Holdout Methods For Magicians - Eddie Fechter

Dice Holdout Methods For Magicians - Eddie Fechter

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Dice are fascinating objects whether used in games of chance or in the repertoire of the close-up magician. This book contains details on control methods with dice! The information can be performed as an exhibition of skill or used without expose in your performances. Holdout Work with dice is little known, but this book describes practical methods for controlling fair dice in a fair cup! Fifteen methods of controlling dice are described-most of them are sure-fire! Most can easily be mastered by any magician familiar with basic sleight of hand technique.

The book has a textured cover with hot stamp title, it is hardbound and illustrated with 47 line drawings to make it easy to learn the basic dice holdout methods of dice control. The book introduction is by Mike Skinner, the well-known close-up expert and longtime friend of Eddie Fechter

Contents Include:

  • Introduction by Michael Skinner
  • Background
  • Basic Information - Dice Holdout Methods, Angles, Sound, The Equipment, The Dice, The Cup,  The Working Surface
  • Dice Holdout Method One - "relatively easy method can be quickly learned by anyone who will practice..."
  • Dice Holdout Method Two
  • Dice Holdout Method Three
  • Dice Holdout Method Four - Primarily for controlling one of two dice. IE: Backgammon, Craps, etc.
  • Dice Holdout Method Five
  • Dice Holdout Method Six
  • Dice Holdout Method Seven, - Reference to Ed Marlo's - "Shoot The Works" book.
  • Dice Holdout Method Eight
  • Dice Holdout Method Nine
  • Dice Holdout Method Ten
  • Dice Holdout Method Eleven
  • Dice Holdout Method Twelve
  • Dice Holdout Method Thirteen
  • Dice Holdout Method Fourteen - Reference to cheating, "Liar's Dice".
  • Dice Holdout Method Fifteen - reference to "Bar Dice".

USED, Hardcover, 63 pages

IMPORTANT NOTE: Former owner has pasted his nameplate, as well as small photos of the magicians that are mentioned throughout this book, on the inside front cover & onto facing page.  There may also be a colored dot on the spine, by which he indexed his collection, as well as underlining throughout.  THIS IS A USED BOOK, and the listed price reflects these possibilities.

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