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Collapsible Wine Glass - Joshua Jay (SM3)

Collapsible Wine Glass - Joshua Jay (SM3)

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Using a wine glass is one of the most sophisticated and intriguing ways to—quite literally—elevate your card magic. Moving your routines to a vertical plane allows them to become more visible to everyone in the audience. But depending on a venue to have a suitable glass is a risky endeavor and traveling with such a fragile item is a nightmare. After spending years unsuccessfully trying to find the perfect glass, Josh decided to take matters into his own hands by creating “Collapsible Wine Glass.”

Magician-first Design

While other portable wine glasses exist, this one has been specifically built from the ground up with card magic in mind. Featuring a vintage square wine glass design, the “Collapsible Wine Glass” is not only stylish but also much better suited for adding and removing playing cards than the typical rounded shape. This elegant, crystal-looking wine glass was custom-molded to seamlessly hold an entire deck of cards, making it the perfect companion for any card effect you wish to make play bigger.

Flexible and Convenient

When traveling, you won’t have to worry about a delicate stem snapping either. Just unscrew the stem, flip it over and screw it directly into the bowl, instantly transforming the “Collapsible Wine Glass” into convenient extra storage for other props. It assembles and disassembles in seconds, and everything fits in the included carry case for easy transport.

Durable Enough for the Working Pro

Shatter-resistant plexiglass makes this the ideal accessory for any magician, especially those with rigorous performing schedules. You get all the same luxurious aesthetics of a real glass, without any of the hassle. The added protection of the foam case ensures your “Collapsible Wine Glass” will always arrive safely, giving you one less thing you worry about while setting up.


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