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Astonishing Essays #6 - Focusing on Magic - Andi Gladwin

Astonishing Essays #6 - Focusing on Magic - Andi Gladwin

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Andi Gladwin is a lifelong student of magic. In this Astonishing Essay, he passes on the lessons learned from two decades of studying the craft. He carefully demonstrates how magicians inadvertently limit their potential by not structuring how they learn magic: his approach is both methodical and easy to apply, helping you become a better magician.

Andi opens his essay with in-depth detail on important topics such as what to study, the student mindset, material selection, and how to avoid the "next book trap." You'll learn Andi's process for studying a magic routine, and how to modify it to make it your own. You'll learn how Andi creates "mini" magic studies, and how he has developed techniques to help streamline the studying process.

Full of interesting magic history and practical examples, Focusing on Magic approaches a topic that is seldom discussed in magic: how to be a better magician through study.

Astonishing Essays is our most ambitious publishing project to date. It's a TEN-VOLUME collection of small, attractive books that will make you a better magician. The concept is simple: we pair the very finest intellects in magic with a topic they're passionate about. Each collection can be read in one sitting; it's meatier than an article but shorter than a full book. Think of it as "novella" size. Brew yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and open Astonishing Essays to be transported to a new world. These books will challenge the way you think about your magic and expand your horizons.

USED, 72 pages

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