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Are Clowns Hatched? - Mildred M. Runyon

Are Clowns Hatched? - Mildred M. Runyon

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This lovingly written biography which was penned by Chucko The Birthday Clown's wife and life-time companion is a heart-warming, funny, joyous, and touching story. It is a tribute to a man whose one goal in life was to take care of his family and to make children happy. If you aspire to be a clown, this book is a must read. It has in it the "secret" of how to be a REAL clown. Also, Millie's devotion, ingenuity, and unflagging support of her husband, Charles, is an inspirational tale of what two can do together as long as they hang in there together. This book was a joy to read, cover to cover. The photographs were treasures. I only wish there were more photos. If you grew up in Southern California in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's you must have been touched by this magical family, The Runyons. You deserve to finally learn the story behind the world's official, and original "Birthday Clown."

USED, Paperback, 176 Pages

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