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An Evening with Doc Shiels: Wizard of the Western World - DVD
An Evening with Doc Shiels: Wizard of the Western World - DVD

An Evening with Doc Shiels: Wizard of the Western World - DVD

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Description when the DVD was originally released:

'Doc' retired from active performing twenty years ago to devote himself to his avocation - art. (You may recall that the late Chan Canasta, while at the top of his profession, also retired to devote his life to painting).

Pat Sullivan traced to a remote part of Co. Kerry in South West Ireland and coaxed him to come and talk to the Cork and Kerry magicians. Fortunately, this very special evening was recorded and is preserved now for your enjoyment.

Sit down with a pot of strong coffee or a generous portion of your favorite beverage, pop in this DVD, relax and enjoy an evening's company with Doc Shiels.

'Doc' will regale you with stories from his early days as the boy magician performing at the local mission for deprived children, when he was barely older than they were.

Hear how he switched a spring snake for a real one.

How he developed his interest in bizarre magick ('Doc' was one of the founders of this genre).

You'll hear of some of Blackpool's side shows and discover the FIVE WORDS that caused long queues to see one sideshow illusion.

'Doc' will tell you a lot more about raising the Loch Ness Monster and makes a suggestion that could achieve similar levels of publicity for you.

How he came to be known as 'Doc'.

Just how the disembodied head of Princess Raman Ra handled a heckler - not something you would use yourself but very funny!

If you're looking for tricks - they're not here. This is an entertaining seventy minutes spent with one of magic's most intriguing characters, a man who lived the life he chose, answered to no one, developed a new genre in magic, contributed widely with numerous books and magazine articles and achieved international publicity.

For the technically minded, this is not a studio quality production. It was taped with one camera. There's no special lighting. The sound is OK. Don't come back bitching that it's not studio quality. It's perfectly watchable and perfectly audible.