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Al Schneider on Close-Up - Al Schneider

Al Schneider on Close-Up - Al Schneider

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Chapter 1 Six Qualities of Performance

Chapter 2 Class Time
The Basic Vanish
The Toss Change
The Basic Large Ball Vanish
Snap Back Vanish

Chapter 3 Sons of Spellbound
Spellbound Too
Ghostal Coin
Split Silver
Cone and Coin

Chapter 4 Coin Routines
Dream One
Australian Gambit
Tri Change

Chapter 5 Impromptu Routines
Ring Off Pencil
Salt Shaker
Ring Gag
Cigarette Pull Finesse
Sponge Color Changer
A Jumping Gems Routine

Chapter 6 Formal Routines
Shear Magic
Al-Himber Wallet
20th Century Yarn
Salt, Silk and Silver

USED, hardcover, 143 pages. c.1980, FIRST edition
The front cover has "Al Schneider on Close-Up" pillow embossed on it.

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