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ACT 2 - Michael P Lair
ACT 2 - Michael P Lair
ACT 2 - Michael P Lair
ACT 2 - Michael P Lair
ACT 2 - Michael P Lair

ACT 2 - Michael P Lair

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Act 2 features Michael P. Lair's amazing effects:
- Safety Catch - A simple to make prop that will guarantee you don't drop your vanishing candles.
- Candle to Streamers - An 18" candle changes into a handful of paper throw streamers.
- Candle to Sword - An 18" candle changes in a flash to a 28" silver sword! This one is worth the price of the book.
- Candle to Fan - A candle vanishes, changing into a beautiful, Chinese fan!
- Invisiclip - With this invisible gimmick, you can make objects secretly disappear from your hand!
- Torn and Restored Card - One of the best versions of restoring a selected card which has been torn!
- Paper to Silk - A folded up piece of red paper changes in a blink to a red 9" scarf!
- Auto-Light Match - A very cool way to make a match light automatically at your fingertips!
- Fired Up! - Make a book of paper matches burst into flames in an ashtray.
- Sponge Poker - The perfect ending to any sponge ball routine! Brilliant!
- Standup Rubber Balls in the Box - You'll love the standup presentation of this Slydini magic classic!

LIKE NEW, paperback, 26 pages

Copy #1: Purple cover with gimmick
Copy #2: Beach Ball/Sword cover, no gimmick (you can easily make it)