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A Bic Too Far - Mark Leveridge
A Bic Too Far - Mark Leveridge

A Bic Too Far - Mark Leveridge

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Mark Leveridge describes this booklet:

"Master Routine No. 11 is an unusual and entertaining routine using miniature Bic lighters.

I consider this routine to be best suited for a close up show or a stand up performance – it is certainly not something which is suitable for table hopping. Although a certain amount of sleight of hand is required, it is not actually particularly difficult – it’s more a case of having the confidence to do the effect than anything else.

I perform this trick at a brisk pace and my personal presentation is one in which I appear to be a touch irritated by the constant appearance of the various lighters until at the finish, with the final appearance of the last full size lighter, I decide to give up trying to perform the trick I intended to do altogether."

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