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Jazz Mentalism ESP cards
Jazz Mentalism ESP cards
Jazz Mentalism ESP cards

Jazz Mentalism - David Humphrey

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This is the classic ESP matching effect. Two sets of ESP cards are introduced, one of which is handed to your spectator. You begin by placing one of your cards sight unseen onto the table, and the spectator follows this by placing one of their cards next to yours. This is repeated with the four remaining cards; each time the mentalist’s card is placed down first. Despite the odds the mentalist appears to have predicted the exact order that the spectator would deal their cards. Everything may be left for examination!

The handling presented in this book was independently created by David Humphrey in 1985 and was subsequently included on Michael Murray's Submodalities DVD, which was released in 1990. This was also included within his "A Piece of My Mind" book and also includes the extra addition to the routine which was included in there too.

A Special thanks go to Dave for allowing MindFX to release this incredible routine! And now, Don's Magic & Books can offer it to you here in the U.S!

Note: This effect requires the use of ten marked ESP cards.  Subtly marked business cards could also be used for impromptu presentations too.

NEW, 12-page well illustrated booklet, glossy covers.

Note from Don: This is THE BEST ESP matching routine I've seen, and used.  This is the routine I use in my own strolling entertainment, when you really want to fry a group of people.  The nice thing is, you can repeat it a couple of times, in different variations, and STILL fry everyone.  It is my go-to ESP matching routine.