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Impossible - Hank & Himitsu Magic
Impossible - Hank & Himitsu Magic
Impossible - Hank & Himitsu Magic

Impossible - Hank & Himitsu Magic

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NOTE from Don: The description below is taken right from the creator of these cards.  It is difficult to understand, but this is basically 10 cards, 2 each of YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE, RED and BLUE.  If you perform any 10-card ESP routine, these cards can be used instead.

Two years ago, this product started to be played at magic conventions in all countries, restaurant tables, friends gatherings. 

The prototype was even in Malaysia in 2018. There were professors at the conference lectures. Although it was enough at that time and could fool many people, it still had some minor problems and imperfections... After these intermediate trials, TMA officially launched this final version of the impossible color card this year. Two years ... I spent two years delving into this process... All the possible situations you will encounter, I have all encountered And all can be resolved, you will never encounter a situation I have never encountered product features:

1. Can be shown to the audience repeatedly immediately, and the audience will feel more magical

2. Easy to carry

3. Friends of all ages can intuitively understand the color correspondence

4. Excellent interaction

NEW, 10 colored cards, online instructions.