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AF ESP Deck ESP cards
AF ESP Deck ESP cards
AF ESP Deck ESP cards

AF ESP Deck - Alexander Marsh

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Let the creator of these cards explain them to you:

"I wanted certain things from an ESP deck that I couldn’t find elsewhere, so I created my own. 

The key things I wanted from an ESP deck were:

Triangles instead of Wavy Lines - to me the wavy lines have always seemed the odd one out. Personally I find they don’t sit well visually with the other geometric shapes, and having to call them ‘wavy lines’ feels a bit strange. I have however included both triangles and wavy lines should you wish to use one, the other, or both.

I wanted to dissociate my ESP cards from standard playing cards, so they are slightly longer and thinner than regular card; trump card size - 62mm x 100mm.

With every ESP deck I’ve ever owned I have thrown away the box and instead kept the cards in a plain Kraft or Manila envelope. Others I know have kept them in a small velvet bag, the way one might keep Tarot cards, because these are not a deck of playing cards for tricks and games; these are for experiments. 

The back design is a simple ‘vintage’ retro style, more in keeping with the time period in which the original Zener Cards were designed. The backs are of course marked in the standard one to five mnemonic (the triangle and wavy lines are marked differently, allowing you to use either or both in in a full deck of six symbol cards). The back design also has a subtle one way design.

The marks are very easy to read plus the deck comes with various gaff cards (see below for details) and a link to download video instructions detailing a few handling tips and my own ‘ESP Match Up’ routine  

Yes it’s another f’ing ESP deck, but this one is mine."  -Alexander Marsh

Included in the deck are the following cards:

5 x Circle
5 x Plus
5 x Triangle
5 x Square
5 x Star
5 x Wavy Lines

1 x Double Backer
1 x Double Facer (Star)
1 x Double Facer (Circle/Plus)

1 x 5 Symbol Card (Circle, Plus, Triangle, Square, Star)
1 x 5 Symbol Card (Circle, Plus, Wavy Lines, Square, Star)
1 x 5 Symbol Psychological Force Card (Circle, Plus, Square, Star, Triangle)
1 x 5 Symbol Psychological Force Card (Circle, Plus, Square, Star, Wavy Lines)

1 x Instruction Card with URL to video instructions.

NEW, 38 cards total

NOTE from Don: I purchased one of these for my personal collection, and really liked them.  The markings are easy to read, and with the extra cards provided, you can create many effects and routines not possible with only a standard 25-card set.