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Memo Man - Lars La Ville (Video Download)

Memo Man - Lars La Ville (Video Download)

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NOTE from Don: If you have always been intrigued by the methodology of Bob Hummer's many effects, I think you'll like this one.  I do.
"Lars has taken an old Bob Hummer plot and made a really nice memory Routine. Good work Lars"
- John Carey

"Lars has come up with a fun and unexpected way to present this fascinating trick. Nice Work."
- Dan Harlan


Phase 1: Color Separation.
The performer memorize the position of all the black cards that are face up.The red cards is face down.The Spectator shuffle the deck of 16 cards (You can use more cards if you want, and you can also use a borrowed deck).Then the performer gives the spectator more choices to turn cards face up or face down, without you are looking. Then the performer place the cards under a handkerchief. After a few seconds the performer shows that he have sorted all the black and red cards just by memory.
All the black cards are still face up, and all the red cards are face down.

Phase 2: Even & Odd.
Even and odd cards are separated.

Phase 3: Picture - Number.
All number and court cards are separated.

Phase 4: No Errors.
An extra card is placed face down.The cards are separated red and black again, but the performer have one black card by "mistake" in between the red cards. But the performer knew that this would happen, cause the card on the table has the same value and suit, as the black card that are between the red cards.

Phase 5: Royal Flux.
A royal Flush in Poker is a very good hand, and this is the only 5 spades 10 - J - Q - K - Ace are the only face up cards in the deck.

Phase 6: 4 Of A Kind.
4 Queens - 4 of a kind in Poker is a very good hand, and the queens are the only 4 face up cards in the deck.

Phase 7: Same - Same.
The same amount of red and black cards are turned face up.

No marked cards. You can use a borrowed deck.  There was a review of this effect in Genii magazine - October 2019 issue

Download the video and learn now! To see a demonstration, click HERE.
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