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Prodigy Peek - Franz
Prodigy Peek - Franz
Prodigy Peek - Franz
Prodigy Peek - Franz

Prodigy Peek - Franz

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NOTE from Don: This is a very good method for peeking 2 sets of information, printed and/or written on business cards or file cards.  Easy, and natural in performance. Everything is justified, and I really like it.


The Prodigy Peek is a groundbreaking concept for close-up mentalism that will allow you to read minds and predict your spectators' thoughts with ease. It’s practical, deceptive and extremely versatile. The Prodigy Peek is ideal for walkaround performances, but it can easily be used on big stages as well.


  • an amazing, fast-paced routine that involves 2-3 spectators
  • a perfect justification as to why the thought needs to be written down
  • structural misdirection to gain your peek
  • great control over critical angles
  • fast and easy reset


The main routine walks you through a refreshing way in which to reveal the thoughts of two spectators, while there are an additional six routines / alternate handlings and thoughts to help keep your creative juices flowing for other ways to utilize the handling: 

Prodigy Peek: Two spectators, two thoughts – double the fun. In this basic routine of the Prodigy Peek, two thoughts are read at the same time. 

Prodigy Q&A: A condensed Q&A routine by Thomas Heine that you can always carry in your pocket. The perfect way to practice your cold reading skills. 

Prodigy Peek X+1: In this variation of the Prodigy Peek, a well-known principle is used to increase the number of thoughts read to 3.  

Prodigy Prediction: Probably the most deceptive version of the classic animal gag prediction for close-up performances: One spectator thinks of a word, a second spectator freely thinks of any animal. The first thought is read, the animal correctly predicted. 

Prodigy Thought Transmission: First, a spectator's freely chosen thought is read. Then she takes the role of the thought reader and senses a random thought of another person.

Additionally: Many more tips & ideas on the Prodigy Peek + a bonus routine that will remind your spectators of the power of their intuition for years to come.  


Fränz is a mentalist, creator and designer from the North of Germany. As a working performer, Fränz takes great importance in creating routines that are equally practical, deceptive and engaging. No wonder, that over the past decade, Fränz‘s creations have been featured in the stage shows and numerous TV appearances of Germany’s most successful mystery artists. 

NEW, paperback, 76 pages